Welcome to my new site: Harplab.net!

It’s all bright and shiny, with links that work, and everything!

And it’s thanks to Ced Henny, who did the design,the programming, many of the photos..

(yes, that’s right, Ced of the Harpography Institute, the lead singer for  Ärton Wall, fellow resident of  Valeyres-sous-Ursins..that Ced Henny)

I’m excited about all the new things on this site, including this blog page, the online shop, and the many nooks and crannies full of delicious web surprises.

(I’m also a little nervous about the blog–for example, what if you’re reading these words in 2018 (while flying your jetpack), and this is still the most recent blog post??–if so, please tell me!)

Anyway, here it is!  Take it for a whirl.  Let your mouse go crazy!

All the best,

Park Stickney*

*as seen on the internet