This page is the virtual face of “PedaLogic”, a conceptual collaborative composition by Darren Solomon and Park Stickney for Park’s PhD project. The composition itself has several parts:

  1. This webpage
  2. A Logic session containing 117 elements to be used for cut/paste composition
  3. An explanatory video from Darren showing how to use the Logic session
  4. An exploratory video from Park demonstrating some of the elements on the harp and giving some context for the PhD project itself.

You are hereby officially invited to participate in this composition by interacting with all the elements of the project and, if you like, using the Logic session to compose a piece of your own for pedal harp. You can use the elements in the Logic session however you wish, cut them up, modify them, add extra bits.

The session itself is designed to be bullet-proof. Everything in this should be playable on the harp (unless you happen to find a combination of elements we haven’t thought of.) On the other hand, the more that you bring in extraneous notes, and the more that you modify the basic elements, the greater the chance that you’ll end up with something which presents…er…challenges to the player. But it doesn’t matter! The important thing is to find a harpist to give your piece to (you can also send it to Park).  The ensuing dialogue is also part of this meta-conceptual-collaborative thingamajig!


Alternate download:  If the link above doesn’t work for some reason you can also access it by this Dropbox link.

ProTools Option:  The PedaLogic session is now available in a ProTools format. 





Kari Steinert`



Waltz for Lucidity
Robert Liebold


This Duck has Ideas
John Fio


Composition for 2 Harps
Rody Ortega

preliminary MIDI version