Park is often available for private and group lessons, in New York, Switzerland, and London.  Contact him directly for more information.

Zoom Video Lessons

It’s possible to have long-distance lessons via Zoom. Obviously a face-to-face lesson is better, but this can be a good supplement (or simply a means to avoid airports!) Contact Park for rates and scheduling.

Workshops & Masterclasses

If you are a teacher (or very motivated student!) and would like to organize a workshop in your area, please contact Park directly. Workshops can cover anything from a one-time introduction to jazz/blues to a permanent ongoing class. Class size is entirely variable, from 3-4 to thousands (although this gets a little complicated, logistically).



Royal Academy of Music, London

Park gives jazz harp workshops during the winter trimester. Although the classes are closed to the public, he is available for private lessons during these visits.  Contact Park for rates and scheduling. Visit www.ram.ac.uk for more information about the school.

Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon

Park is an assistant in the class of Fabrice Pierre, and gives 1-1 lessons as well as a group jazz class.
Visit www.cnsmd-lyon.fr for more information about the school.

Conservatorio di Milano

Docent for the Master’s program “Master di arpa a indirizzo solstice “Nuovi Linguaggi” since 2019.
Visit www.consmilano.it for more information about the program and the school.

Haute École de Musique (HEMU) Lausanne, Switzerland

Park gives a yearly improvisation class with the classical harp students.
Visit www.hemu-cl.ch for more information about the school