The Travel Journal of a Western Harpist in the Chinese Garden


While preparing for a solo tour of China and Korea in March 2016, I was inspired to write my first book of arrangements.  Finally!  Tadaa!

Here are five folk songs from China and Taiwan, arranged in a jazz style.

-Kangding Love Song
-Purple Bamboo Melody
-Jasmine Flower
-The Girl from Ali Mountain
-Moonlight Lullaby

Each includes a notated “improvised” section.  The book is intended for pedal harp, although all but “Jasmine Flower” can be played by adventurous lever-players.   The level is mixed, from easy (Purple Bamboo Melody) to slightly complex (Jasmine Flower, Kangding Love Song), but in general is for medium-advanced players.

Plane ticket to China available here  

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Special Deal!  You can add the just-released CD “Jasmine Flower” for $5 with purchase of this book.  The CD contains extended versions of all 5 tunes performed with Chinese Ehru virtuoso Guo Gan and Canadian pianist Jessica Yuen.